Torino Heritage is composed by the Ordinary member who occupy the board of
director composed by the President – the Treasurer, and the Operation Director.
The second category are the supporting members who are contributing to the
association, by paying the associative quote.

We propose 3x differents supporting membership levels as listed below:

  1. Base membership is offering the access to our clubhouse during opening time,
    and allow our members to take part at the oldtimer’s meet, and other different
    internal events! Some members are also dedicating us time, offering competences,
    knowledge, material, archive, and external funds to develop further our organization.

  2. Base membership and garage package offers all the above services, and also include
    the possibility to park one or more classic cars in our garage strutcture. (Brand and
    car type subject to vote from the board of direction).

  3. Base Membership and premium garage offers beside the car parking, the possibility
    to have your vehicule always maintained in a perfect running state, thanks to our
    specialist present in our mechanical shop and laboratory. We will be taking care
    of your car by checking all liquid levels, battery charge, and also moving your vehicule
    if necessary in order to avoid any clutch, or brake blocking problems.

Our shop and laboratory not only offers maintenance services, but also proposed
reverse engineering support based on the 3D – CAM/ CAS/ CAD technologies in order
to restaure and re-create oldtimer’s missing parts.