Torino Heritage’s association was born from a group classic
car collector, who are passionate about oldtimer’s and the
Motoring Heritage of Torino.

The aim of our association is to reach and raise awareness to a large
public of the great post Industrial Heritage of Torino.
We believe that passing down our story, knowledge, and traditions,
to younger generation is the key to develop together a sustainable
future of the savoy’s capitale.

Thanks to the commitment of our association’s member, and all the
cultural involvement we are building an important network articulated
around our services and competences. Our association is located in Sant’
Ambrogio di Torino, in an 1870 post industrial building, where the Itom
motorcycle used to be manufactured.

Our association is pleased, to offer the following services:

. CLUBHOUSE where our members can meet in our welcoming open space,
and access our archive, and take part to our automotive Workshops.

. GARAGE where our members can subscribe for a parking in our structure,
which is offering over 2500 square meters dedicate to oldtimer’s storage!

. SHOP where our members can bring they car for maintenance,  restore,
or to reverse engineer parts in our laboratory thanks to the aspecialists present
in our structure.

. BREWERY San Michele where it is possible to eat and taste their artisanal beers!

We invite you to visit our website to discover all the details related.