Torino is sharing an important history, Royal city of the Savoy family,
huge Baroque architecture, first capital of Italy, and a relevant Automotive
development and industrialization in the last century!   

Our association was born in this context, and is looking after the Automotive
and Post-Industrial Heritage of the Piedmont capital. In Turin, not only big
Auto carmaker were born such as Lancia, Fiat, Abarth, Cisitalia, Itala, Diatto,
etc, but also important coachbuilder and Designer which between the late
40’s and early 80’s gave birth to the most fascinating concept and one off
cars that remains still by today standard some of the most original and
innovative icon of the last century.

Few decades ago, the city did count more than 50 coachbuilders highly
qualified in the coachbuilding fields. Prestigious companies such as Pinninfarina,
Ital Design are still in activities, and some other famous name who unfortunately
went off business, such as Bertone, Gandini, Vignale, Ghia, Michelotti, Fissore,
Frua, Allemano, Spada, Revelli, and many others!

Today, through our association, we are proud to keep this heritage and the
tradition alive to the future generation. Thanks to the car collector collaboration,
and many people who witnesses and take part to the golden era of motoring and
coachbuilding, we articulated our efforts in 3 main directions to reach our goals:     

Our club, beside offering a place where our members can meet and get in touch
with our network, is also hosting our archive with the knowledge and the automotive
history safeguard.

Our garage hosting a large range of classic cars, is witnessing our members commitment
to keep alive our Automotive Heritage, and which they enjoy to display as a storyteller to
the younger generation in different events.

Our shop is offering specialized maintenance for car collectors. We retain that beside safeguarding
and bringing interest to oldtimer’s, it is also important to pass on the proper competences in order
to take care of our Automotive Heritage. Thanks to a dedicate space in our structure and the help
of the master artisans such as metal beater, woodbuch maker, saddler, mechanics, we created a place
where apprentice from different restauration’s school, can work and practice together with the advice
of the experienced master.